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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Murals

Today, after work, we went back to the walls to show Raven what we had already completed, as well as to document where they were at. I still want to put some work into 83rd & Mac and do some minor touch up to our practice wall. Still, seeing what we created was exciting. At 46th & Foothill, we ran into Brad and his friend from Flux 53, who has taken over the old Egypt Theater. They were out looking for us and had brought us some pizzas. We showed them the wall and then drove over to their spot which is a huge spot, probably the biggest wall yet. A new challenge! Time to break out our secret weapon... stay tuned to find out what that is!

Afterwards, we went back to 83rd and Mac. There's still some several hours of work before this wall will really be complete. We were back there last Sunday, the day after the blog party and I had to write this readable phrase across the top "Be the Change You Want to See"... It was the first time we fully extended the 28 foot ladder and at one side, I couldn't get the ladder to sit straight. Mike had to hold the ladder tight the whole time I was up there.

Today, we just took photos and sat with the wall. The chia we planted looked good and several new sprouts were popping up all over the place. I watered a little and then a woman from the hood came with a gallon of water and really gave them sprouts a good dose. She's been tending the spot. An OG rolled by and said that he had watered the planted yesterday and cleaned up all the paper. He said he was bringing a garbage can that he would leave at the wall. I'm really moved that the community connected with this idea enough that they really took it over the day to day after we left. We ended up sitting across the street from the wall for like 45 mins just soaking up the vibe and watching some crows (Raven said they were ravens) circling around in the sky while the moon peaked out through the clouds.


  1. These murals are amazing. I am honored to help you guys.

  2. hey awesome CRP! i wanted to let you know about my new website, which includes a ton of your murals! the first one that i KNOW is one of yours is this one:

    let me know if you see more on the site, or if you have pictures of your murals that you want to contribute. if you see your murals, or know the artists of the murals, holler and i'll update with links to them!

    keep up the awesome work! going to go add a link to your site on the links page right now.