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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Judy's reflections

July 15,2009

This is our second day working here on 46th and foothill. I think that we got a lot accomplish for just only two days. It's starting to look way nicer then the day before. I mean people go pass and say "ohh thats ugly I don't know why are they doing this" and others say it's nice, but I mean when it's finished they'll be surprise in how much we got done. I'm not too sure what the whole mural is going to be about but we're starting off pretty good. Everybody's working as a team and we're all having fun. I think painting is always a fun job to me because that's the whole point of this project. We're doing this job we get more knowledge and experience in helping out beautifying the community. The good thing about this job is that we are also cleaning up. Nobody wants a messy neighborhood..right?By the end of the day I feel good about myself because it feels like I'm making the world better.

Judy Saengpradith

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