The Community Rejuvenation Project cultivates healthy communities through beautification, education, and celebration. We achieve this mission through experiential programs that promote professional development, artistic and cultural expression, and community empowerment.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

July 30th, 2009

~mike m

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Week 3 :Day 2 East 16th And 23rd Ave

Today is a beautiful day with cool and cloudy weather everybody is happy. We had some psychical exercise that help us to be alert and active on our job. Right now they all found in doing their work. Like clean up, painting, door to door, as well as onsite promo.

This community contains various people from all over the world, thats why our community program is unique from any other, I had an interview with one of the crew members of the project, this was the answer he gave me when I asked him a little about the community rejuvenation project. Here it is...

-First my name is Henok ,there are a lot to say about the project what he have done for me. For instance I have not had painting experience at all, but since I started to work with the community rejuvenation project I learned a lot, like vanishing point, how to handle spray paint, how to buff a walls with a brush and roller painting. Besides all this I could be able to build my self esteem up and talk in front of people with full confidence. Therefore this is a place where I saw my life change in all aspects since I started this job. Therefore this is a place where you learn and develop our art skills and be creative.

interviewer: thanks for sharing all this productive idea with every body out there specifically those who want change in their life

Henok: No problem, thanks for having me.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Flix

These are flix from our practice mural at the Oakland Tracks. All real writers spend some time there at some point in their lives. We cleaned up the tracks big time and collected about 15 - 20 bags of garbage in one day.

block party montage! !

We would like to thank DJ ZEPH (Oakland Faders) and everyone else who came out and supported on Saturday.

Be sure to come out this week When P.E.A.C.E from the Freestyle Fellowship preforms...

~mike m

The Murals

Today, after work, we went back to the walls to show Raven what we had already completed, as well as to document where they were at. I still want to put some work into 83rd & Mac and do some minor touch up to our practice wall. Still, seeing what we created was exciting. At 46th & Foothill, we ran into Brad and his friend from Flux 53, who has taken over the old Egypt Theater. They were out looking for us and had brought us some pizzas. We showed them the wall and then drove over to their spot which is a huge spot, probably the biggest wall yet. A new challenge! Time to break out our secret weapon... stay tuned to find out what that is!

Afterwards, we went back to 83rd and Mac. There's still some several hours of work before this wall will really be complete. We were back there last Sunday, the day after the blog party and I had to write this readable phrase across the top "Be the Change You Want to See"... It was the first time we fully extended the 28 foot ladder and at one side, I couldn't get the ladder to sit straight. Mike had to hold the ladder tight the whole time I was up there.

Today, we just took photos and sat with the wall. The chia we planted looked good and several new sprouts were popping up all over the place. I watered a little and then a woman from the hood came with a gallon of water and really gave them sprouts a good dose. She's been tending the spot. An OG rolled by and said that he had watered the planted yesterday and cleaned up all the paper. He said he was bringing a garbage can that he would leave at the wall. I'm really moved that the community connected with this idea enough that they really took it over the day to day after we left. We ended up sitting across the street from the wall for like 45 mins just soaking up the vibe and watching some crows (Raven said they were ravens) circling around in the sky while the moon peaked out through the clouds.

83rd and MacArthur

This is some footage of the youth buffing the walls and creating the general shapes for the Mural. I am still editing the footage from the block party so more video coming soon!!

check back!

Also I didn't forget about the second Mural we did on Foothill...
So some of that footage will be on here soon as well!!!

~mike m

This Weeks Project

Hello everyone, my name is Phillip and this is day one of our fourth week working on murals. This week our project has brought us down to 23rd Ave and E 16th St, but in addition to working in a new area, we are also welcoming a new addition to our team, Raven. He has come all the way from the University of Hip Hop to help us come up with our current theme for this week, "Warriors". You may all be wondering right now what this mural will contain and what it will look like, but at this point I'll leave it up to you, the readers and followers of this blog, to come down this Saturday to find out. For those of you who can't wait until Saturday, pictures will be posted soon.

Guest to the Project...

A group leader from the Navajo tribe came to visit us at 83rd and MacArthur and sings us a traditional song about walking in balance, unity, and beauty.

~mike m

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Block Party- 83rd and Mac Arthur

Hello everyone. Here are some interviews that we took at this weeks Block Party. We asked the interviewees, What they thought of the Mural and If it would have any effect on the community....

Here's what a few of the people had to say...



Muteado Silencio

More video and pictures coming soon!
stay tuned!!

~mike m

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Scopin' The Scene

Elijah, Mike 360, And Desi Have Been Very Influentual In This Process We Are Glad To Have Them As Teachers Above Is Elijah Scoping Out The Angle The Sun Hits From On op Of The Roof.

-Franceyez Jackson

jULY 23rd 2009 We Are On 83rd And MacArthur Now

Hi Everyone How Are You Doing This Is Franceyez Jackson Again Here To Let You Know The Current Updates On The Project.
Today Is Day 3 Of The 2nd Serious Mural We Are Now In Deep East Oakland On 83rd And MacArthur. And Some Challenges Have Arrived And Disapated The Area Really Feels The After Affects Of Violence And War But Deep Inside The Hearts Of Many Is A Dedication To Do Bette And Thrive Not Just Survive. Some Elders Of The Community Wanted Us To Add In Some Of The Young Ladies That Were Innocently Lost To Violence. One Of Them Is Up Now And We Have 2 More To Go.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

a couple more pictures....

people chillin' by the stage,and across the street, an onsite promoter in action. And what do we have here...Oohlala- Gum Shoe .

46th & foothill block party pictures continued...

pictures of the mural getting it's finishing touch by Desi and Elijah.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mural Behind Lao Community Center...

~mike m

Sunday, July 19, 2009


with music from The Genie in the background.

~mike m

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Block Party Photos July 18th, 2009

~mike m

Block Party Interviews...




~mike m

The Genie

We thank The Genie who came out to support the Community Rejuvenation Project. Here is a bootleg download of his performance!

Thank everyone who came more pictures, video, and audio from the block party coming soon!!

~mike m

Friday, July 17, 2009

employee profile 1

~mike m

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tina's drawing ^.^

46th and Foothill Day Three contuine!

Judy's reflections

July 15,2009

This is our second day working here on 46th and foothill. I think that we got a lot accomplish for just only two days. It's starting to look way nicer then the day before. I mean people go pass and say "ohh thats ugly I don't know why are they doing this" and others say it's nice, but I mean when it's finished they'll be surprise in how much we got done. I'm not too sure what the whole mural is going to be about but we're starting off pretty good. Everybody's working as a team and we're all having fun. I think painting is always a fun job to me because that's the whole point of this project. We're doing this job we get more knowledge and experience in helping out beautifying the community. The good thing about this job is that we are also cleaning up. Nobody wants a messy neighborhood..right?By the end of the day I feel good about myself because it feels like I'm making the world better.

Judy Saengpradith

46th and Foothill day 3

Franceyez Buffin' No Bluffin'

Godbless You All, This Is Franceyez Jackson III Of The Community Rejuvination Project.
Over The Past Week I Have Been Participating As A Youth Muralist, Coming Of Age Is A Marvelous Thing When You Have The Environment On Your Side Currently We Are n Stage 3 Of The Youth Mural Many Visions And Concepts Are Being Added Together For One Common Goal..
As Elijah Stated In Illustration Class.
Form Is The Basic Composiion Of An Object Or Image.
It Can Be Broken Down Into Basic Shapes.
These Basic Shapes Are The: Circle/Oval Square/Rectangle And Triangle/Acute,Obtuse etc.....
Now Perspective Is How We View Distance Perspective Is An Important Part Of Any Illustation That Wants To Simulate An Environment With A Range Of Distance....
But Enough Of That.
There Are 3 Solid Ways To Achieve Dynamic Perspective: These Are
Vanishing Point: Drawing With A Horizon
Detail: Levels Of Distance
Value Light/Dark Contrast Comparison.
All Of These Are Very Important Tools To Novice And Veteran Artists Alike.
Come On Out On Saturday Join Us On This Valiant Effort To Save The Earth Through Community Unity.

We Love You All!

Now I Have A Question For You All Feel Free To Comment.
What Do You Want Us To Bring To Your Community? any ideas questions hit up my blog ;-0

-Franceyez Jackson III