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Thursday, July 16, 2009

46th and Foothill day 3

Franceyez Buffin' No Bluffin'

Godbless You All, This Is Franceyez Jackson III Of The Community Rejuvination Project.
Over The Past Week I Have Been Participating As A Youth Muralist, Coming Of Age Is A Marvelous Thing When You Have The Environment On Your Side Currently We Are n Stage 3 Of The Youth Mural Many Visions And Concepts Are Being Added Together For One Common Goal..
As Elijah Stated In Illustration Class.
Form Is The Basic Composiion Of An Object Or Image.
It Can Be Broken Down Into Basic Shapes.
These Basic Shapes Are The: Circle/Oval Square/Rectangle And Triangle/Acute,Obtuse etc.....
Now Perspective Is How We View Distance Perspective Is An Important Part Of Any Illustation That Wants To Simulate An Environment With A Range Of Distance....
But Enough Of That.
There Are 3 Solid Ways To Achieve Dynamic Perspective: These Are
Vanishing Point: Drawing With A Horizon
Detail: Levels Of Distance
Value Light/Dark Contrast Comparison.
All Of These Are Very Important Tools To Novice And Veteran Artists Alike.
Come On Out On Saturday Join Us On This Valiant Effort To Save The Earth Through Community Unity.

We Love You All!

Now I Have A Question For You All Feel Free To Comment.
What Do You Want Us To Bring To Your Community? any ideas questions hit up my blog ;-0

-Franceyez Jackson III

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