The Community Rejuvenation Project cultivates healthy communities through beautification, education, and celebration. We achieve this mission through experiential programs that promote professional development, artistic and cultural expression, and community empowerment.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Youth Radio Altar Mural Begins

Today we worked as a group and came up with our sketch. We also got to color in our actual sketch. some of the objects we painted were grapes, mountains, time clock, buffalo skull and much more. We learned how to spray paint at an even angle so that the paint looks fresh and realistic. Even though we only have a limited time, and we are on our second to last session. Lots of people stopped by or yelled from the windows of their cars that they liked our work.  We have accomplished so much and are closed to being finished. We just need one more really good session of detailing and clean up but today was a very productive day. today was a productive day and learned a lot, we look foward to finishing the project.

- Youth Radio Mural Artists

Friday, July 22, 2011

Community Rejuvenation Project Presents “Rejuvenation”: New Works by CRP Artists

For Immediate Release -- (Oakland, CA) The Oakland-based chapter of the Community Rejuvenation Project, also known as CRPBayArea, is proud to announce “Rejuvenation,” a new exhibition of paintings and photographs by CRP artists. As CRP founder Desi W.O.M.E. explains, “Rejuvenation is one of CRP’s core themes.” In naming this exhibit, he says, “we wanted to emphasize that aspect of what we do, which is more than just write our names on walls. The creation of art is both a sacred and spiritual practice in indigenous, native traditions, and our work is really about acknowledging that part of it and bringing it to inner-city environments which are in need of positive affirmations. We want to promote health, environmental awareness, and life, as well as a connection with our ancestors. Essentially, we are talking about rejuvenation of our communities and of ourselves through art. This is urban renewal at a grassroots level.”

The works represented in “Rejuvenation” show the tremendous range, diversity, and artistic ability of the CRP collective, consisting of talented muralists, calligraphers, painters, character artists, stencil artists, and photographers. Featured artists include Mike 360, Desi W.O.M.E., Dora Chavarria, Pescador, Daniel D. Zarazua, Daz, Elijah Pfotenhauer, Eric K. Arnold, Miss Ammo, Beats 737, Dave Young Kim, and collaborative works with aerosol legends P.H.A.S.E. 2 and Vulcan.

Many of the photographs document the creation process of CRP’s community murals, including the recent “Peace and Dignity” wall at 41st and International, in the heart of the Fruitvale District – a historically-Hispanic and Latino community plagued by gang violence and economic woes which is undergoing an identity crisis spurred by the onset of gentrification. Other works include “Oblivion,” a stunning portrait by Dave Young Kim in oil, acrylic and aerosol; “FlyGirlFest III,” an inked illustration of b-girls by Miss Ammo; and “Self City,” a study in perspective and cubism rendered by Elijah Photenhauer.

The exhibit will run through August 31st at Oakland’s freshest local hangout, the Layover, and its adjacent gallery, DepARTure. The First Friday opening reception is August 5th from 6-9pm and features live painting by CRP artists. Following the reception, be sure to stick around for an after-party featuring True Skool DJ Ren the Vinyl Archaeologist, spinning a set of classic hip-hop and breaks from 9pm-until the wee hours. Media sponsors include OaklandLocal, Fusicology, and True Skool.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Quan, Yin, James Brown, and Lao Tzu

Photos by Sara La Fluer

A few days before the 4th of July, the mural on the Parkway theatre was erased by an unknown vandal. CRP took the opportunity to dedicate a new mural to James Brown and Lao Tzu. Lao Tzu was a great philosopher who wrote the Tao Te Ching. He once said that "an overly sharpened blade dulls quickly." James Brown the legendary musician and singer had a complementary saying that "a dull knife just ain't cutting' it." We wanted to show a connection in ideas that reflected the balance that is required for a good life. To the right of James Brown, we painted the buddhist saint of compassion Quan Yin in the doorway. Quan Yin is holding a vase in her left hand that holds the world natural disasters. Her compassion for us gives her the strength to hold it upright and keep it from spilling. We thought that was an appropriate prayer for these times.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Rejuvenation: New Works by the Artists and Photographers of the Community Rejuvenation Project

On Friday, August 5, please join us for an evening with the Artists and Photographers of the Community Rejuvenation Project.

The Layover - Music Bar & Lounge
1517 Franklin
Oakland, CA

featured artists include:

including collaborative works with


CRP Books and Limited Edition T-Shirts will be on sale.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Youth Radio Mural - Sketch In Progress

Alright so today we started brainstorming about the altar mural project that is going to be inside the Youth Radio building in Oakland. We were looking through a bunch of photos of past projects that our facilitator Desi has done. We talked about the different places and people that use art as a way to express themselves and how communities need murals to make them better places to live. We were wondering what you might be able to add to our mural. Any ideas or suggestions that you have for us would be most appreciated. Thank you!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Cuba Caravan Bus Mural II - Watsonville

Before another contingent of the Caravan for Peace set off for Mexico, its first stop was in Watsonville. CRP artists meet the activists at the Watsonville Brown Beret Bike Shack early Sunday morning. The group had a list of phrases that they wanted painted. This contingent had a strong interest in the Cuban 5, five Cuban political prisoners held by the US government since 1998. One side of the bus was painted to say "Free the Cuban 5 from USA Jails." The other side was painted to say "End the Blockade on Cuba." Unlike the last bus, there were several of the activists and local community members on hand, taking pictures and joining in with the painting. Kids of all ages from Kindergarden to High School added their touch to the mural. Around midday, the Brown Berets brought huge bags of burritos and everyone ate good! By the afternoon, the mural was finished and the entire back of the bus was load with huge piles of aid bound for Cuba. The buses will cross the border into Mexico and then be driven to a port where they will be ferried to Cuba. This is the 22nd Annual Friendshipment bound for Cuba overtly breaking the blockade imposed by the United States.

For more info on the caravan, please visit
For more info on the Cuban 5, please visit

Friday, July 8, 2011

Caravan to Cuba Bus Mural

On Wednesday, July 6, CRP Bay Area and CRP Desertland artists collaborated on painting an entire bus headed to Mexico and eventually Cuba in a Caravan to draw attention and break the US embargo against Cuba. The US has prohibited direct trade with or travel to Cuba since Cuban Revolution put Fidel Castro in power. This policy has been more harmful to the citizens of Cuba than their government. "The US embargo of Cuba causes shortages of food, medicine and other important supplies for eleven million people. The embargo is an immoral policy that uses hunger and disease as political weapons," states the Pastors for Peace website. CRP artists painted both sides of the bus with the words End the Blockade of Cuba in English and Spanish. They also painted a dove of peace on the back and the island of Cuba with a heart in the middle on the front.

CRP artists are proud to contribute their works to organizations and movements that they support. We utilize the leftover supplies from our commissioned murals to create works relating to the issues that our important to us.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Health and Wellness Mural Final Photos

The Health and Wellness Mural was completed over the course of 9 days. It was a huge project on many walls throughout the cafeteria on the Fremont Federation of High Schools' campus. We were especially thankful to the students who stopped by and assisted in the mural, the custodian, Dan Cunningham, who provided lots of extra supplies and support, and the staff of the school who brought us into the project. Indoor murals with aerosol are always difficult, despite the safety precautions that we take. A project of this size usually requires several more days to complete, but the artists were on a deadline to finish before summer school commenced on Tuesday, July 5. As a result, we put in 10 hr+ days for a week to complete the project on time. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pancho Pescador's Stencils at the Health and Wellness Mural

Pancho Pescador is a veteran visual artist. Originally from Chile, Pancho moved to Oakland many years ago. He is a printmaker, stencil artists, muralist, activist, teacher and a father of two beautiful girls.  Pancho began painting with the Community Rejuvenation Project in 2010, placing intricate stencils on several walls. Pancho is also a serious photographer. He has documented numerous CRP mural's and his photos are all over our 2010 mural anthology, Rejuvenation, including the cover.

Pancho brought several new stencils to the mural, including one of his daughter jump roping. Pancho even designed and cut a bee stencil onsite. The bee's were essential to the mural, relating the hexagon patterns to honeycombs and the pollination of necessary for the plant growth and healthy living. CRP wanted to address the decline of the bee population due to cell phone and wireless internet usage.

Be sure to check out Pancho's blog at

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fremont Health and Wellness Mural in Progress

The Health and Wellness Mural Project at Fremont High School was designed to create positive and affirming messages for students to intake with their meals. Initiated by the Health and Wellness Center on Campus, the multi-wall mural will enhance the youth's eating experience. Despite a minimal cafeteria budget, the Health and Wellness Center wants to bring more health options to the cafeteria. The Fremont Federation also has an abundant garden maintained by students.

Several youth in the summer school program dropped by after-class to visit and participate in the mural. Both the staff and students are excited to bring new energy to the cafeteria. The images in the mural reflect the diverse cultures of the students actively practicing their traditions and living healthy lifestyles. "We want the students to identify with people we depicts and feel a sense of pride in themselves. Its important that the youth feel represented and empowered throughout the school," said the Dave Kim, who organized the project for CRP.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mural Restoration at 46th and Foothill

On the way to the Fremont cafeteria, CRP artists stopped by the their 2009 mural on the abandoned building at 46th and Foothill. The mural, which was painted as a part of the summer 2009 Summer Youth Employment Project with the Lao Community Development Inc., had accumulated a few minor mosquito bite tags as part of an ongoing gang war in the neighborhood. Several local residents had requested that the mural be touched up and CRP artists have always insisted on doing their own mural maintenance. In 15 mins, the minor alterations were retouched. CRP will be doing several other mural restoration projects this summer. Stay tuned.