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Monday, July 11, 2011

Cuba Caravan Bus Mural II - Watsonville

Before another contingent of the Caravan for Peace set off for Mexico, its first stop was in Watsonville. CRP artists meet the activists at the Watsonville Brown Beret Bike Shack early Sunday morning. The group had a list of phrases that they wanted painted. This contingent had a strong interest in the Cuban 5, five Cuban political prisoners held by the US government since 1998. One side of the bus was painted to say "Free the Cuban 5 from USA Jails." The other side was painted to say "End the Blockade on Cuba." Unlike the last bus, there were several of the activists and local community members on hand, taking pictures and joining in with the painting. Kids of all ages from Kindergarden to High School added their touch to the mural. Around midday, the Brown Berets brought huge bags of burritos and everyone ate good! By the afternoon, the mural was finished and the entire back of the bus was load with huge piles of aid bound for Cuba. The buses will cross the border into Mexico and then be driven to a port where they will be ferried to Cuba. This is the 22nd Annual Friendshipment bound for Cuba overtly breaking the blockade imposed by the United States.

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