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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pancho Pescador's Stencils at the Health and Wellness Mural

Pancho Pescador is a veteran visual artist. Originally from Chile, Pancho moved to Oakland many years ago. He is a printmaker, stencil artists, muralist, activist, teacher and a father of two beautiful girls.  Pancho began painting with the Community Rejuvenation Project in 2010, placing intricate stencils on several walls. Pancho is also a serious photographer. He has documented numerous CRP mural's and his photos are all over our 2010 mural anthology, Rejuvenation, including the cover.

Pancho brought several new stencils to the mural, including one of his daughter jump roping. Pancho even designed and cut a bee stencil onsite. The bee's were essential to the mural, relating the hexagon patterns to honeycombs and the pollination of necessary for the plant growth and healthy living. CRP wanted to address the decline of the bee population due to cell phone and wireless internet usage.

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