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Monday, July 4, 2011

Fremont Health and Wellness Mural in Progress

The Health and Wellness Mural Project at Fremont High School was designed to create positive and affirming messages for students to intake with their meals. Initiated by the Health and Wellness Center on Campus, the multi-wall mural will enhance the youth's eating experience. Despite a minimal cafeteria budget, the Health and Wellness Center wants to bring more health options to the cafeteria. The Fremont Federation also has an abundant garden maintained by students.

Several youth in the summer school program dropped by after-class to visit and participate in the mural. Both the staff and students are excited to bring new energy to the cafeteria. The images in the mural reflect the diverse cultures of the students actively practicing their traditions and living healthy lifestyles. "We want the students to identify with people we depicts and feel a sense of pride in themselves. Its important that the youth feel represented and empowered throughout the school," said the Dave Kim, who organized the project for CRP.

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