The Community Rejuvenation Project cultivates healthy communities through beautification, education, and celebration. We achieve this mission through experiential programs that promote professional development, artistic and cultural expression, and community empowerment.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Seminary and MacArthur Mural in Progress

The Arrow-Soul Council of Unity High School and the Community Rejuvenation Project kicked off a week of painting for the Council's final project of the school year, a massive community mural on the busy corner of Seminary and MacArthur. The youth from the Council created a sketch that depicts Brown and Brown unity throughout history and unites them in a common struggle for sovereignty and freedom. The sketch was approved by Mills Grocery owner, James Kim last week and the mural began on Wednesday, May 19.

Artists from the Community Rejuvenation Project showed up to support the youth's initiative and local community members are pitching in to transform the abandoned lot where the mural is located into a community garden and gathering space for meetings and music. Local neighbors will take over the maintenance of the lot once the mural is complete.

The next large community gathering to support the project will be on Sunday, May 30 from 9 AM until sundown. Roots and Branches founder DJ Basta will supply music and Arizmendi will supply several pizza. Bring seeds, soil, brushes and garden tools, but mainly, bring yourself!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Respeta Tonantzin Restore Balance.

(click on the image for a bigger picture)

This mural was done over the weekend. We had some special guests that brought a different flavor. Raven and Hyde have been regular collaborators throughout the years and it was great to reunite with them. Magda showed up from Stanford and rocked our brother Wiot's (RIP) style on the top of the mural. It was like having our brother with us again.

The theme of the mural was Respeta Tonantzin (Respect Mother Earth). With all of the disasters that have been happening, we recognize that human existence has shifted our planet into unbalance. Our prayer is for humans to find their inner balance and work to restore balance with nature on the planet. We thought that it was appropriate to paint this on Mother's Day weekend.

Arrow-Soul Council Final Mural Project

We have just gotten approval to create our final project for the Arrow-Soul Council after-school program at Mills Grocery on the corner of Seminary and MacArthur. Production starts next week!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

my new piece

I think that this time i did better than last time . I think that i was more prepared than the last time i painted in desi's class . This time i added more details and actually did my name. It was easier because i had practiced a little bit more at my house and i came with a better style. I could of done better but i need more can controll to do more details. the colors i like them i use light colors then i used 2 dark colors for outline and a pink aura to make it stand out. And next time i paint im going to do more details and do a cleaner style. It felt good because i did not mess up as much as my 1st piece.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cron piece by Luis

This is my second piece that I have done here in Arrow Soul. This time it came out better because I had better hand control, but I still need to work on my can control if i wanna be a true master. I did a different word this time because i wanna make sure I am good at all the letters and not just 4.