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Friday, August 12, 2011

Renewing the Funktown Arts District Pt. 1 - The Parkway

Murals are a proven deterrent to vandalism. Still, there are rare occasions when our murals get damaged. In the case of the Funktown Arts District, there was a recent rash of destruction to several of the murals in the area by a delusional, disgruntled neighbor with a used up roller of grey paint.  CRP makes a point to maintain its murals, either through restoration, or in this case, a complete repainting.

This morning, two CRP artists arrived to begin rejuvenating the damaged areas. It was a great opportunity to create a new piece, especially because the collective was never really satisfied with the original work. It also gave Cheolwoo, our Korean intern, an opportunity to participate and paint for the first time.  Despite having never used a spray can, he immediately picked up and helped to the color the piece. Numerous neighbors and residents dropped by to express their disappointment in the damage to their colorful neighborhood, but they were all excited and supportive of the new artwork.  We will be posting new photos of the next walls as they are created, so stay tuned!

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