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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Students at Youth Radio finish Altar Mural

After last weeks' session, we had the majority of the mural colored in. Today was all about business. When  everybody showed up, the painted were laid out and everything was ready to go. We had a lot of details to put in. Desi stood back and directed things. He didn't really paint much and just made the youth do everything. Jose was the person who stepped up and handled the majority of the final touches. In the beginning, we were all trying to work on the mural at the same time, but it was crowded and ineffective. We were trying to paint reaching around each other and using the same colors. Then we stepped back and took turns. That worked a lot better. We drew in flowers, oranges and bananas. Jose wrote "Remember" on the banner at the top. At bottom, we pulled everything together by adding smoke running throughout the piece from a cup on the left side. In the end, the mural came out beautiful. We are really proud of it.

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