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Saturday, February 26, 2011

CRP Desertland visits CRP Oakland... pt. 1

Building on the works in New Mexico, CRP Desertland and A Toda Madre sent a team of artists, including Mike 360, Faustino Villa, Release, and Kate, along with 2 dogs, to Oakland to continue to build the connection between the two programs. The group began with improvement to the pieces in the Funktown Arts District. They began with painting over an unfinished mural on Al's Autoshop. The original mural, by Mario Torero and David Kim, was never fully completed and had sat there since the summer. The new mural worked with the huge window in the middle of the wall and turned it into Stunna Shades. On the right we reproduced an image from an early George Clinton album and on the right, Release painted a sacred wheel that spins when you look at for too long...

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