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Thursday, April 19, 2012

CRP Rocks Seattle, Chicago and Oakland in One Week

CRP Rocks Seattle, Chicago and Oakland in One Week!

The production of new work by the Community Rejuvenation Project jumped last week as collective members painted numerous new works around the country. In Oakland, Pancho Pescador and Mike Threesixty added several new pieces to the front of Golden Gate Liquors and finished the production of the Pedal Power to the People project. The reflective mirror at the front of the store became the "O" in an "Ozelotl" tribute to Mike Threesixty's son rocking a landscape still with a crane walking in it. Down the block, Pancho added some Hummingbirds and the two collaborated on a cheetah who states "Migration is Natural" and "Save Wirikuta," a reference to the holy lands of the Huichol people, represented in the piece by their sacred peyote sacrament. 
Release PYC and Beats 737 continued their hard-hitting work by creating a second massive "Decolonize" wall in Seattle. Images included were a large bear and Release's trademark sacred geometry. Release has been supporting the occupy movement and painting murals in Seattle for the past several months incorporating CRP's trademark connection between ancient symbols and modern culture. 

Desi W.O.M.E took Chicago by storm, blasting three large scale unreadable masterpieces around the city including at the historical Mobil wall in Hyde Park, Chicago's longest continuously running free wall that he founded exactly 20 years ago. Desi also rocked his largest piece ever, a 50 ft "Heart" in South Chicago as part of a collaboration with Raven and JInx. When he wasn't painting letters, Desi rendered a colorful Bruce Lee at Alternatives on Chicago's North Side as part of the Connect Force's Aerosol Writing month. Desi and Raven painted another mural with students from North Lawndale High School including several african images and Frederick Douglass.

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