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Friday, October 7, 2011

Decolonize Wall Street

The fervor sweeping the nation to take back the power from the oligarchy of rich corporations and private individuals grips us tighter every day. On the way to the Bronx to visit Rebel Diaz, CRP founder, Desi W.O.M.E dropped by Wall Street to offer support to the 99% of Americans, continually suffering from the greed from a minuscule hyper-affluent super minority. W.O.M.E dedicated most his time to writing out signs connecting the protest to other movements happening throughout the world, including the California Prisoner Hunger Strike, which restarted last week, as well as the anti-death penalty advocacy that has been happening for the past 100+ years. We connect the turn of the 20th century case of Sacco and Vanzetti to the similar recent execution of Troy Davis, both of whom has massive international public support but were still murdered at the hands of the state. We recognize that protesting and marches were not enough, but they are a good start to inform and draw in the community for something much bigger. As transformative muralists, CRP understands the power of transforming dreams, visions and ideas into reality. We are the 99% and we will prevail! * We want to recognize and acknowledge the issue with the term "Occupy," we recognize that "America" has been unjustly occupied for the past 500 years and that this is, in fact, indigenous land. Wall Street does not need to be occupied, it needs to be decolonized.

Sunny Beach

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