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Thursday, June 2, 2011

60th & MacArthur - Day 5

Photos by Desi and Salma

Today was the last official day of the Arrow-Soul Council program. Everyone in the class seemed to feel a greater sense of purpose and urgency because the entire group stepped up and remained on task for the entire session. The group has begun feeling a sense of the entire project and their ownership of it. I (Desi) have maintained a mainly hands off approach throughout the project, allowing the youth to do their own styles, make their own mistakes and learn through experience. Its hard not to step in when the going gets tough or when the task appears too far beyond their experience level. Still, the Council stepped up in all cases, overcoming their fears despite the initial whining and crying. Looking back at the first days of the program, it was easy to see that we have come a long way.

Saturday is the final day for the project and we will be there as long as it takes. Come through if you can and check us out.


Desi W.O.M.E.
Facilitator, Arrow-Soul Council

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