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Thursday, May 26, 2011

LPS Hayward Week Without Walls

Week Without Walls Murals was a opportunity of a lifetime. We started the week off in Fruitvale, Oakland where we met Desi. He showed us different styles of murals, from pile styles to cultural. It was amazing to see all the different styles and artwork from legal to illegal. He showed us techniques on how to paint and gave us tips on how to begin. He also told us to create our own style that represents ourselves. Before we actually started the murals, the wall known as the purple wall was a mess. There were holes and trash everywhere. After the wall was finished we saw a big improvement. We added colors and a message to show what we learned this week. One side of the mural was a creative fun side called art of the bay while the other was a message to dream big. All the students participated, contributed ideas and each took turns spraying. This mural is important to us because it represents our school and makes our school look better. The purpose of the murals is to show how all the other schools that try to compete with us, have no competition. The wall is located in the front of the school, as a symbol that our school is a family and we are all proud to be part of it. -Priya Raman and Juan Yanez :)

"I was scared to paint at first because i didn't want to mess up but once i started i couldn't stop"- Adriana

"Finally, we got to put something people call street art as a mural for the school that represents a change."-Rocio

"We enjoyed making these murals and going around the Bay Area looking at different types of murals. The mural that we created on the school wall represents who we are". Karina and Luis R

"Desi is the coolest guy we know, it was dope to work with him "- Lil' Monkey

"Make a positive difference in life no matter what." -Noa (HUMAN)

"This year one wall, next year the whole school." -Ms. Johnson

"In conclusion, to what i used to know, now seems so minimal to whats really there" - Braulio

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