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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Live Painting at Fresh Fest (Mosswood Park, Oakland)

Photos by Mike Melero. Story by Jasmine Sherren.

Community Rejuvenation Project is a unified expression of energy through public art. On Saturday August 14, Desi W.O.M.E., CRP founder and muralist,
and Dave Kim, longtime CRP volunteer and artist, hauled three 8"x10"
canvases on an enormous bamboo frame by hand to North Oakland's
Mosswood Park of the day of Fresh Fest.

Why did they do this? To educate the public on a serious local issue:
Oakland's rising rates of asthma, primarily in West Oakland.
The artists spent many hours painting these canvases to create awareness
about the Toxic Triangle in Richmond, Bayview and West Oakland.
Hopefully these efforts will lead the city to begin the necessary
change in West Oakland.

What is a city without its citizens at their strongest, where many
remain ignorant of the problems, and others must face them in their own
backyard? It is a city in crisis, and the first step in eliminating crisis
is education and understanding. Clearly these artists did not work in

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