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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Beautiful Response to our Oakland Celebrations mural


I visited your site today; as I work in the fields of community development/ cultural activism, I'm always inspired by Arts movement and social change. I noticed upon your site the video entitled above, containing images from the group, Fogo Na Roupa Grupo Canvalesco, founded by the late Carlos Aceituno [transitioned 2006], for which I was a member and Associate Director: '91-'07.
The giant heads featured in your mural were worn by our Bateria, and that year was in honor of our Master Teacher, Cultural Activist and good friend
Ta Malonga Casquelourd [transitioned 2003]
co-founder of Congolese Dance & Drum Culture on the West Coast, pioneering living legacies such as Fua Dia Congo and Congolese Dance & Drum camps, both over 30 years old - I am thrilled and deeply moved!

What an honor and tribute to see such a celebratory year captured in your mural for perpetuity, as a cherished Oakland/Bay Area legacy such as Fogo Na Roupa, continues to be commemorated in a lasting way.

I'd also like to share this news with Community members of shared interest. Any photos or links, I'd gladly share with appropriate credits.

Do let me know,
continued Success!

Regina Califa Calloway
califa510 dance works!

" where DANCE lives and SPIRIT moves...! "

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