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Thursday, August 6, 2009

the creative warrior writing

A creative warrior is clever during battle. A clever warrior studies his enemies before battle .A clever warrior uses his intelligence to outsmart the enemy. An intelligent warrior knows when to engage and when to retreat. An intelligent warrior uses his skills gained from experience.A skillful warrior is able to stay clam in all conditions. A skillful warrior is able to lead his people in front lines. A skillful warrior is able to motivate his people. A motivational warrior is able to raise the moral of his people. A motivational warrior has the respect of his people.A motivational warrior is known for his compassion.A compassioate warrior is trusted by all. A trustworthy warrior gains the respect of his enemies.A trustworthy warrior gets what he needs when he needs it.A trustworthy warrior is responsible for his own actions . A responsible warrior accepts his mistakes. A responsible warrior will not run when contrated.A creative warrior is all these things and more.


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